Mp Meatbird Grower Crumble-Pro Bio 8 Lb
  • Item #: MA054
  • Case Qty: 5
  • Supports development of starting and growing birds.
  • Added Probiotics support gut health and digestion.
Mp Non-Medicated Chick Starter 5lb
  • Item #: MPX78
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Non-medicated; perfect for mixed flocks
  • Manna Pro Non-Medicated Starter is formulated with the protein, vitamins and minerals young birds need for healthy growth, but without medications. This formula is ideal for mixed flocks as it can safely be fed to chicks, ducklings and goslings.
Mp Oat & Mealworm Snack Blend 2 Lb
  • Item #: MA090
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Gourmet Poultry Treats
Mp Omega Egg Maker 5lb
  • Item #: MAN48
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamins and minerals support the overall health and vitality of your flock while added ingredients provide Omega-3 fatty acids, rich-colored egg yolks and a healthy digestive system. Supplement your birds with Omega Egg Maker and enjoy having a happy, healthy flock and gathering nutritious, delicious eggs.
Mp Oyster Shells 5lb
  • Item #: MPX07
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Manna Pro Oyster Shell provides a good source of calcium that builds strong eggshells for your birds.
  • Good source of calcium
Mp Poultry Conditioner 5lb
  • Item #: MPX68
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Helps condition birds for performance and exhibition
  • A comprehensive pelleted supplement helps condition birds for performance & exhibition. Complete fortification for vigorous, healthy birds, and brilliant high-quality plumage.
Mp Poultry Grit W/Probiotic 5 Lb
  • Item #: MA058
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Helps with proper digestion.
  • Designed to be fed with coarse grains.
Mp Poultry Protector Spray 16 Ounce
  • Item #: MAN12
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Helps protect your coop and birds from mites, lice, fleas and ticks!
  • Poultry Protector is an all-natural solution to the common problem of mites, lice, fleas and ticks within the backyard flock. The natural enzymes in Poultry Protector clean away these pesky bugs safely, without the use of harsh chemicals found in so many other insect treatment products.
Mp Pure Defense Insecticide (De) 4lb
  • Item #: MAN76
  • Case Qty: 4
  • Diatomaceous earth, all natural. Use indoors and outdoors.
  • Kills fleas, cockroaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish, beetles, and other crawling insects.
Mp Scatter Snacks Poultry Treats 1.68 Lb
  • Item #: MA004
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Premium ingredients like oats, peanuts, flax seed, pomegranate, and spices are combined with high quality protein from crab meal provide for an easy to feed morsel.
Mp Scratch Grains 10 Lb
  • Item #: MAN69
  • Case Qty: 2
  • For all species of poultry, great source of energy.
  • Adds diversity to the feeding program.
Mp Seeds'n Mealworm Snack Cake 6 Oz
  • Item #: MA088
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Gourmet Poultry Treats
Mp Sunflower'n Mealworm Snack Cake 6.5 Oz
  • Item #: MA089
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Gourmet Poultry Treats
Mp Water Protector 16 Ounce
  • Item #: MAN68
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Prevents build up of film, residue, and other natural contaminants.
  • For all poultry and fowl.
Mp Wipe 'N Wash Egg Towellettes 25 Ct
  • Item #: MAN40
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Natural, plant derived ingredients provide a safe and gentle alternative to harsh detergents.
  • Cleans up to a dozen eggs per towelette.
Nest Box Bottoms (Metal) Part
  • Item #: HST20
  • Case Qty: 1
Nest Egg Ceramic (Brown) Dozen
  • Item #: CCE02
  • Case Qty: 1
  • These ceramic eggs have the look, feel and approximately the same weight of real eggs.
  • These eggs will help entice your hens to lay in the nest, not on the floor.
Nest Egg Ceramic (White) Dozen
  • Item #: CCE01
  • Case Qty: 1
  • These ceramic eggs have the look, feel and approximately the same weight of real eggs.
  • These eggs will help entice your hens to lay in the nest, not on the floor.