Albadry Plus (144 Count Bulk Pack) 10 Ml

Item #: UPJ01

Case Qty: 1
  • Penicillin G procaine and novobiocin sodium for treatment in dry cows only of subclinical mastitis.
  • Use 1 tube for each quarter at start of dry period, but not less than 30 days before calving.
  • Do not use milk the first 72 hrs after calving.
  • 30-day slaughter withdrawal.
  • Unique synergistic effect of penicillin and novobiocin eliminates single-antibiotic failures, reduces chance of resistance.
  • Bactericidal activity against majorStaphylococcus and Streptococcusmastitis pathogens.
  • Ideal duration of activity for control during the involution phase of the dry cow period, before the keratin plug forms (2-3 weeks after milking stops), leaving the door open to pathogens.
  • For udder instillation in dry cows only. Hold milk 72 hours after calving. Do not use meat from treated cows for 30 days.
  • Contents of 1 syringe instilled into each quarter.