Chick Boost Probiotic 3 OZ

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  • Chick Boost contains Probiotics, Vitamins and Electrolytes to aid in the health of hatchlings
  • Chick Boost should be mixed with fresh clean water, provided everyday for the first 8 weeks, at which time they can be switched to Egg Boost
  • Chick Boost introduces beneficial bacteria to the crop which help chicks develop a positive bacteria culture in digestive tract. Because of HCl gastric secretion, which starts day 18 of incubation, a chick is at risk for disease
  • Beneficial Bacteria in the digestive tract crowd out the bad bacteria. Known as selective exclusion, it will help the animal fight bad bacteria. A healthy gut leads to a healthy immune system to help combat disease and stress
  • Chick Boost mixes easily into water and is recommended that as soon chicks are born that the water is made available to them