Fis Gate Handle Heavy Duty A-9
  • Item #: FIS32
  • Case Qty: 6
  • This extremely durable Fi-Shock Heavy-Duty Gate Handle has an insulating grip that is soft and flexible with safety flanges for extra shock protection.
  • A unique fastening plate ensures a secure wire connection. It will not break, crack or chip with abuse, and its steel components are plated to resist rust.
Fis Gate Handle Plastic-Orange
  • Item #: FIS44
  • Case Qty: 24
Fis Gate Handle Rubber
  • Item #: FIS23
  • Case Qty: 24
  • This extremely sturdy Fi-Shock Rubber Gate Handle is virtually indestructible and won't crack in cold weather.
  • Its tough polymer liner provides extra safety and strength.
Tru Pat Gate Break Handle Black
  • Item #: TTX47
  • Case Qty: 30
  • Fully insulated, durable plastic handle with nonslip grip used to electrify gate ways.
  • Works with high tensile wire, poliwire, polirope or politape, in permanent and temporary fences.
Tru Pat Rubber Gate Handle Each
  • Item #: TT021
  • Case Qty: 10
  • Convenient solution to electrify gate ways
  • UV stable and designed for long life
Tru Sta Gate Break Handle H.D. Ylw Sub Tt132
  • Item #: TTP63
  • Case Qty: 20
  • Heavy duty, rugged gate break handle with large protected guards.
  • Non-slip insulated grip.
Tru Sta Gate Break Handle Zammr Wht Sub Tt071
  • Item #: TTX93
  • Case Qty: 30
  • Use the ZAMMR Handle as a live hook in temporary fencing, an insulated hook in temporary fencing, or as a gate break.
  • Easily winds back through pigtails and withstands the toughest gateway conditions.
Tru Sta Gate Handle Insul Hook Sub Tt134
  • Item #: TRU85
  • Case Qty: 10
  • Used when an insulated connection is required.
  • Strong, UV resistant design.