Turf & Pasture Msm (60%Metsulfuron) 2 Oz
  • Item #: CSI96
  • Case Qty: 16
  • High quality formulation specifically targeted to broadleaf and grassy weed control on ornamental turf, such as lawns, parks, cemeteries, golf courses (fairways, aprons, tees and roughs) and sod farms.
  • Effective Against: clover, dollarweed, bahiagrass, foxtail.
Tvc Herbicide Imazapyr 32 Oz
  • Item #: CSI36
  • Case Qty: 6
  • TVC is a pre or post-emergent herbicide that may be used in non crop areas such as; railroad, ROWs, utility plant sites, tank farms, fence rows, for brush control, seed head suppression in pastures & rangelands & other listed sites.
  • Effective Against: annual weeds, perennial weeds, broadleaf weeds, grasses, woody brush, trees.