Ag Alley Frame Bow Galv (*) 26" WIDE Rigid galvanized construction

Item #: DGD35
Case Qty: 1

Kfs Alley Arch Gray Non Adjust (*) GRAY 77.5 " High, x 25.5" Wide Powder Coated Gray. Non Adjustable alley Arch

Item #: BE362
Case Qty: 1

Kfs Alley Panel Gray Straight (*) 10FT 10' straight alley panel

Item #: BE358
Case Qty: 1

Kfs Brace Ground Flat Gray (*) PART 27 lbs

Item #: BE364
Case Qty: 1

Kfs No Back Alley Stop Oh (*) GRAY In alley NO BACK , adjustable width to fit most alleys with 2" or smaller diamet...

Item #: BE376
Case Qty: 1

Kfs Panel W Alley Arch (*) GRAY 10FT KFS 10' panel with alley arch

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Item #: BE360
Case Qty: 1

Kfs Sweep Pen Brace Overhead (*) GRAY Overhead Brace to prevent Spreading of Curved Sweep Pen Panels

Item #: BE357
Case Qty: 1

Kfs Tn Tub & Alley Gray (*) 10' ALLEY Great starter system for working cattle, 16ga powdercoated steel.

Item #: BE348
Case Qty: 1

Real Tuff Alley Sheeted Section (*) 8FT One Piece, Fully Sheeted, Adjustable Alley Section

Item #: RTL07
Case Qty: 1

Real Tuff Alley Sheeted Section (*) 16FT One piece, fully sheeted, Adjustable

Item #: RTL12
Case Qty: 1

Real Tuff Tub Sheeted Clockwise (*) LEFT (*) 180 Degree Sheeted Sweep Tub

Item #: RTL16
Case Qty: 1

Real Tuff Tub Sheeted Cntrclockwise RIGHT (*) 180 degree sheeted sweep tub

Item #: RTL06
Case Qty: 1

Red B Kennel Fence 2X2 Woven (*) 60X100 2x2 woven mesh, ideal for dogs, small animals and children

Item #: KEY57
Case Qty: 9