Aquavet Stock Tank Algaecide 32 OZ Treatment for killing floating, submerged, and planktonic algae in stock tanks.

Item #: SEA04
Case Qty: 4

Bnd Measuring Cup 4 OZ Measuring cup

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Item #: BND01
Case Qty: 36

Bnd Tomato & Blossom Set Spray Rtu 32 OZ Makes blossoms set fruit despite poor weather.

Item #: BND40
Case Qty: 6

Cable Tie Gun, Adjustable High impact nylon and fiberglass body

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Item #: WMA05
Case Qty: 6

Diesel Can Midwest 5 GALLON

Item #: MGH04
Case Qty: 4

Duct Tape, General Purpose SUB MMM82

Item #: TAP01
Case Qty: 24

Duke Pecan-Bine Harvester Easy rolling

Item #: DUK47
Case Qty: 1

Durapatch Repair Patch,Uv Activated 6"X9" Easy application - just cut, peel and stick

Item #: DLC28
Case Qty: 12

Ez Read Rain Gauge Brilliant colors allow reading from up to 50 feet away

Item #: GAR01
Case Qty: 12

Fiskars Lopper Extendable Pwr Lever 25"-37" Fiskars

Item #: GMM64
Case Qty: 6

Fiskars Lopper Powergear2 25" Power gear Technology multiplies leverage to give you up to 3X more power on eve...

Item #: GMM82
Case Qty: 6

Fiskars Pruner Hand Bypass Forged 3/4" Ergonomic angled pruning head keeps wrist in optimal position for reduced fatigu...

Item #: GMM85
Case Qty: 10

Fiskars Pruner Hand Medium Bypass 5/8" Sized for small to average hands

Item #: GMM84
Case Qty: 12

Funnel 1 Pt W/Extn & Scrn Fills-All 1-pint funnel with a 15 inch extended spout.

Item #: MLE56
Case Qty: 6

Funnel 1 Pt W/Screen Junior 1-pint (half-quart or 2-cup) funnel.

Item #: MMX50
Case Qty: 6

Funnel 2 Qt W/Screen All-Purpose 2-quart (half-gallon) funnel.

Item #: MIL90
Case Qty: 6

Funnel 6 Qt W/Screen Giant 6-quart (1.5-gallon) funnel.

Item #: MIL89
Case Qty: 6