Real Tuff Squeeze Chute Auto (*) Green

Item #: RTL01

Case Qty: 1
  • Large Neck access doors and blinders standard on both sides
  • LH and RH exit
  • Grease Certs on pivots, Spring bushings on headgate
  • Double Side Squeeze, double side exit
  • Parrallel squeeze eliminates floor adjustmen as the bottom moves in with the top
  • Large Chute weighs 2000lbs, about 12ft long, 7' 1" tall, 38" OD, 32" ID chute width
  • Automatic headgate is standard, Manual Headgate available, handles on both sides
  • Bi-Fold tailgate w lock, butt bar with rod
  • Palp Doors are large enough to sort Calves
  • Headgate will go from exit to catch posistion in one swing!