Electric Fencer Parmak Mag 12 Solar

Item #: PAR05

Case Qty: 1
  • Made in the USA!
  • Weatherproof, portable outdoor use only
  • Comes with a sealed 12-volt battery, ready for use
  • Charges up to 30 miles
  • UL Listed NOTE!
  • Solar/Battery operated- 12 volt
  • Output rating of 3.1+ joules
  • The first time the energizer is used after purchase or after prolonged storage, place the energizer in the sun for 5 full SUNNY days with the swtich in the off position to recharrge the internal batter to a full charge. CLOUDY DAYS DO NOT COUNT FOR THE NEEDED 5 SUNNY DAYS!
  • Uses free energy from the sun for maximum shock
  • Controls both predators and livestock, sheep included
  • Parmak Model MAG 12-SP
  • The sun's energy charges the fencer by day and a sealed 12 volt rechargeable battery powers the fencer at night (battery included).
  • Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 Featuring the latest state-of-the-art solar panel with superior charging power, this fence charger eliminates battery recharging, saving you time and money.