Motomco Tomcat 1oz Chunx Pail 9 Lb

Item #: MOT22

Case Qty: 2
  • Can be Secured in a Bait Station
  • All-Weather Block is Mold and Moisture Resistant
  • Peanut flavored for maximum bait acceptance and performance
  • Unique block shape and edges preferred by rodents that like to gnaw
  • Bucket contains 9lbs
  • Proven Bait Acceptance Rodents Prefer to Gnaw on the Multiple Edges of Our Blocks
  • An Economical Bait for Proven Control of Rats & Mice.
  • Active Ingredient: Diphacinone
  • Formulated with an optimal blend of ingredients and low wax content for maximum palatability and weatherability
  • 1 oz Bait Chunx are mold and moisture resistant
  • Contain holes for placing on rods in a bait station, or can be secured using nails or wire