Canine Spectra 10 W/Syringe 1 Dose

Item #: DT011

Case Qty: 25
  • The dosage is 1 mL injected subcutaneously.
  • Protects Against Distemper, Adenovirus Type1, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Letospira Canicola, Leptospira Grippotyphosa, Leptospira Icterohaemorrhagiae, and Leptospira Pomana.
  • Comprehensive booster for multi-dog owners, breeders and shelters with 10-way protection.
  • The diluent contains killed antigens for Canine Coronavirus Vaccine-Leptospira Canicola-Grippotyphosa- Icterohaemorrhagiae-Pomona bacterial extract. The CAV-2 fraction cross-protects against respiratory infection caused by infectious canine hepatitis (CAV-1).