Bek Apron Fence 60" Cl3 (*) 150ft

Item #: BKT71

Case Qty: 16
  • If you want to keep animals from digging into an area, such as a garden, place the apron to the outside. When they come up the edge of the vertical fence and start to dig, the wire mesh will stop them. If you are trying to keep animals enclosed within an area, place the apron to the inside. The apron will prevent digging under the fence
  • 17ga -1" hexagon holes, Class 3 Galvanized, 48" fabric with 12" apron to prevent unwanted predators from digging in, or livestock from digging out
  • Popular for Fox pens, Rabbit Pens, and running dog enclosures
  • Great option vs Welded Wire with 3 times the life expectancy