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Durafend Multi Species Wormer 25 Lb
  • Item #: DVC27
  • Case Qty: 1
  • For use on Beef and Dairy Cattle, Horses, Swine, Growing Turkeys, Zoo and Wildlife Animals.
  • DuraFend Multi-Species Medicated Dewormer is indicated for the control and removal of worms in a broad range of animals.
Mp Scour-Ease (Vfd) 8 Oz
  • Item #: MAN02
  • Case Qty: 14
  • Feed for 7-14 days
  • Maximum Medication Level
Newborn Calf Cs 300 Gm
  • Item #: AGL59
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Newborn Calf CS is a colostrum supplement used to supplement a first feeding of maternal colostrum whose quality is unknown or not available in sufficient quantity, or with newborn calves that have difficulty suckling