3m Ultrathon Insect Repellent 6 Oz
  • Item #: MMM26
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Splash and sweat resistant to ensure consistent protection.
  • 3M technology allows time released protection for up to 8 hours.
3m Ultrathon Lotion 34.34% Deet 2 Oz
  • Clearance
  • Item #: MMM67
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Splash and sweat resistant to ensure consistent protection.
  • Repels ticks, biting flies, chiggers, gnats, fleas, and mosquitoes.
Chigg Away 4 Oz
  • Item #: HUM01
  • Case Qty: 24
  • The unique action of CHIGG-AWAY lotion stops the bite and provides soothing relief of itching and irritation.
  • Chigg Away Anesthetic Relieves itching and discomfort due to nonpoisonous insect bites such as chigger (redbugs), mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, no-see-ums, biting flies, fire ants, bees and wasps; swimmers itch.
Puracyn Plus Duo-Care Wound Cleaner 8 Oz
  • Item #: ARM71
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Do not allow this product to freeze.
  • Made in the USA.
Puracyn Plus Duo-Care Wound Cleaner 16 Oz
  • Item #: DTT62
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Safe to use around eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Do not freeze this item.
Repel Clothing & Gear (Permethrin) 6.5 Oz
  • Item #: CIC01
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Odorless insecticide designed to protect clothing, shoes, tents and othr gear from ticks and mosquitoes.
  • Provides up to 2 weeks of protection
Spartan Go 4oz
  • Item #: KK033
  • Case Qty: 40
  • 20% Picaridin, repels Mosquitoes, Ticks, biting Flies, Stable Flies, Black Flies, Gnats, Chiggers and Scottish biting Midges
  • Long-lasting, 8 hour eff effective protection from mosquitoes and ticks, including mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus, Chikunandguya, Dengue, and Zika and ticks carrying Lyme disease and tick borne encephalitis.
Sportsmen Repel Max 40% Deet Aerosl 6.5 Oz
  • Item #: CIC09
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Non-greasy and resists perspiration
  • Repels mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, biting flies, chiggers and fleas
Synodrin Arthritis/Muscle Gel 3 Oz
  • Item #: NTR13
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Synodrin gel supports optimum joint health and function.
  • The gel also contains Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.
Two Old Goats Arthritis Formula 6 Oz
  • Item #: SLS49
  • Case Qty: 24
  • Enriched with all natural Menthol for even more pain reliefe for muscles and joints
  • Same Great Essential Oils Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Peppermint and Birch Bark.