Amprolium (Poultry Label) Gallon
  • Item #: ELA86
  • Case Qty: 4
  • Give AMPROL at the 0.012% level (8 fl oz per 50 gallons) as soon as coccidiosis is diagnosed and continue for 3 to 5 days.
  • AMPROL 9.6% is an oral solution developed to treat and prevent coccidiosis in chickens, turkeys and laying hens.
Ampromed P (Poultry) 10 Ounce
  • Item #: CVE13
  • Case Qty: 24
  • Contents of each packet will treat 128 gallons at 0.012% level.
  • AmproMed P FOR POULTRY is intended for the treatment of coccidiosis in growing chickens, turkeys and laying hens.
Mp Coop 'N Compost 1.75lb
  • Item #: MAN44
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Neutrilizes odors and moisture in the chicken coop.
  • Helps improve the quality of your compost.
Mp Hen Healer Ointment 2 Ounce
  • Item #: MA008
  • Case Qty: 6
Mp Life-Lytes Mega Tabs 30 Ct
  • Item #: MAN74
  • Case Qty: 8
  • Tablets dissolve easily in water.
  • Vitamin and electrolyte supplement for poultry.
Mp Water Protector 16 Ounce
  • Item #: MAN68
  • Case Qty: 6
  • For all poultry and fowl.
  • Prevents build up of film, residue, and other natural contaminants.
Mp Wipe 'N Wash Egg Towellettes 25 Ct
  • Item #: MAN40
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Natural, plant derived ingredients provide a safe and gentle alternative to harsh detergents.
  • Cleans up to a dozen eggs per towelette.
Old Macdonald's Stop That Peckin' 8 Oz
  • Item #: JMS20
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Works on poultry and fowl to stop them from pecking on one another.
  • Non-toxic weather resistant formula.
Rooster Booster Pick-No-More Lotion 4 Oz
  • Item #: CCP01
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Note: Game birds may require more frequent applications.
  • Directions For Use: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Remove cap, invert bottle and squeeze, spreading lotion on wounded area with tip of applicator.
Sulfasol Sol Powder (Sdm) (Rx) 107gm
  • Item #: DVX78
  • Case Qty: 25
  • For Broiler and Replacement Chickens Only - Use for the treatment of disease outbreaks of coccidiosis, fowl cholera, and infectious coryza.
  • For Meat-Producing Turkeys Only - Use for the treatment of disease outbreaks of coccidiosis and fowl cholera.
Theracyn Poultry Wound Care Spray 8 Ounce
  • Item #: CHP26
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Cleans cuts, sores, lacerations, and skin irritations.
  • Convenient One-Step Cleanser & Wound Dressing.
Vet Rx Veterinary Remedy (Poultry) 2 Oz
  • Item #: GWP01
  • Case Qty: 24
  • VetRex may be used internally by mixing one ounce to each gallon of drinking water, or externally by a few drops to affected area
  • for sore throats, sore toes, scaly shanks, eye worm, etc.
Vetericyn Poultry Care 8 Ounce
  • Item #: DT094
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Non-toxic and safe ingested.
  • Safe for all life stages.
Vitamins & Electrolytes (New)06662 100gm
  • Item #: DT160
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Durvet Vitamins & Electrolytes is a water soluble premix of essential vitamins and electrolytes formulated to be a nutrient supplement for use in all classes of poultry, swine, ruminants and horses.
  • One scoop per gallon of drinking water.