Motomco Tomcat Mouse Plastic Trap 2 Pack
  • Item #: INT01
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Safer around children & pets
  • Clean "no-touch" disposal
Motomco Tomcat Trngl Mouse Bait Station
  • Item #: DUT20
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Heavy-duty station will last years
  • Use indoors and out
Mousetrap Kness Ketch-All
  • Item #: KNS01
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Kness Ketch-All mousetrap is easy to use
  • The Kness Ketch-All mousetrap captures mice around-the-clock
Neogen Prozap Mole & Gopher Bait 1lb
  • Item #: KEN31
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Rapid and economical control of large infestations of mice or rats in and around livestock and poultry buildings; gophers can also be effectively controlled with direct burrow application.
  • For spot treatments in and around buildings, orchards and groves, vineyards, rangeland and non-crop areas such as lawns, ornamentals, golf courses, parks and nurseries.
Stayaway Mice 2pk 2 Pack
  • Item #: CCC49
  • Case Qty: 8
  • Place anywhere rodents or rodent droppings are noticed: basements, pantries, closets, attics, crawl spaces, or places you would like to prevent them from entering.
  • Stay Away Mice Repellent pouches are made with a blend of plant fiber and botanical extracts that, while pleasant for you, will offend rodents.
Sweeney's Mole & Gopher Repellent Gran 4 Lb
  • Item #: TER18
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Safe to use on lawns and gardens as well as around pets.
  • Repels moles, gophers, voles, and armadillos.
Sweeney's Mole & Gopher Sonic Spike Single Pk
  • Item #: TER95
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Sonic pulses penetrate soil, driving rodents away.
  • Convenient battery sleeve for trouble free battery replacement.
Sweeney's Mole & Gopher Worms 10 Pack
  • Item #: TER94
  • Case Qty: 6
  • Poison mole worms look and feel like real earth worms.
  • Includes 5 active tunnel locator flags. Package contains 10 worms.
Sweeney's Poison Peanuts 6 Oz
  • Item #: WRS01
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Contains pelleted Zinc Phosphate which can also be used with a Gopher/Mole Tool to apply without caving in the tunnel
  • Sweeneys Original Poison Peanuts kill moles and gophers
Tomcat Disposable Rat Bait Station 1 Pk
  • Item #: MOT70
  • Case Qty: 4
  • USA made
  • Meets EPA Tier 3 Safety requirements
Victor Easy Set Gopher Trap
  • Item #: WOD07
  • Case Qty: 12
  • Moving parts are kept completely below the ground for safety.
  • Galvanized steel construction for superior strength and durability.
Victor Original Mouse Trap 2 Pack
  • Item #: WOD03
  • Case Qty: 36
  • Clean and quick trapping; ideal for runway trapping.
  • Uses wood from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests.
Victor Original Rat Trap
  • Item #: WOD04
  • Case Qty: 10
  • The original wood-based wire snap trap with metal trip pedal
  • Large red Victor (V) - the leading brand
Victor Tin Cat Repeating Mouse Trap (Boxed)
  • Item #: WOD10
  • Case Qty: 1
  • Simply bait, place and release.
  • Catches up to 30 mice per setting.